Ex Muse Me



A Found Poem:

I think you know what happened.

 I robbed Peter to pay Paul

Who then after being robbed

Extorted Peter to distract him from his money laundering focus

I am grateful for you  in all your craziness

Which helps me feel clarity in my own.

I am now feeling core self of innate goodness

Where anything else is a lie.

Not fully present there, yet, though cascade-filling into that…

Cascade-filling into that in relationship…

Now is a big time.

And, it’ll be good to make the post office a big time, too.

I won’t be an ass to you at all.

You don’t deserve that, far from it.

I will try to do more than this

Though can I make payments of $50 a week?

I think you know what happened.

 I robbed Peter to pay Paul

Who then after being robbed…

Oops I slipped kind of thing

It’s written down as an action item for the day

Please, you have been patient…

This weekend I will get back to you

Thank you for your continued consideration

I robbed Peter to pay Paul

I robbed Peter to pay Paul

I robbed Peter to pay Paul










Dear Empath

Dear Empath

When you endlessly whine about your pain
Of feeling the pain of strangers
You bore me
Into a yawn so wide it cracks my jaw
I want to punch you
Punch you in your bleary face
As you choke back your tears
Telling me how it’s not even your job to care
But they all come to you
Because you feel their pain
I want to punch you
Punch you in your noisy mouth
Still you continue
It’s such a burden for you as
Hold on hold on hold on
You check your texts
Oh… no one there…
They must have been thinking of calling…
I want to punch you
Punch you on your nose
You tell me how you’re so connected
To like life and like the universe and like everything and…
I want to punch you
Disconnect you from this planet
Wipe you out of my face
Punch you all the way back to source
I want to punch you!
Oh! Dear Empath!
Why aren’t you picking that up…

Janus Gurus…


Behold! The Emperors of the New Ages

Seeking out you, you and you…

Mavens, Gurus, Mystics…

Opening up their hearts

To connect to yours…

Seeking soulful connection

Understanding you like only they can

As they too have been broken

Just like you

They feel your pain

They serenade

Come join with me in soft unfoldings of cosmic love…

They want you to show up!

Be present!

Be juicy!

Beware! The Modern Vampires…

Ebony eyes as dark as their heart

In the land of lost souls

The Soulless one is King…

Seeking out

Their drug of choice

Come to me

Follow me

Feed me

Bleed unto me

Your Lo$t $oul Dollar$

Losing Unconsciousness

Losing Unconsciousness

No more monkey
No more ripples in my mind
Strange calmness arising
After peace destroyed
By well oiled tried and tested
Clichéd soundbites designed to charm
Malignant tumours of betrayal
To please and tease
To hide in plain sight‎ mocking
‎Strange consciousness arising
Now seeing
Seeing for the first time clearly
As clichés copied and pasted
Reveal his self centre
No conscience… no heart… no connection…

Jam it!

Not afraid

I wandered lonely as a fraud, that wafts on high in flowery prose when all at once I found that that was not that much and discharged like one of Frank’s jazz party hats… it’s dangerous dangerous in my mind outrageous contagious spontaneous reeling schpeeling peeling away waffle words waxing waning out of rhyme and out through time wordscapes heard by eyes lend me your ears and you’ll see I’m not a Freud…